Advantages Business Owners Should Consider in Regard to Hiring Older Workers

The percentage of U.S. workers age 55 or older is steadily increasing as people choose to stay in the workforce longer, change careers in mid-life or need to continue employment for financial reasons. Companies find several advantages in hiring people in their 50s or 60s, but managers may be concerned about how to help those new employees fit in with a primarily younger staff. Strategies for motivating these individuals to thrive in their place of employment can be found at a blog such as that of business expert Jim Tsokanos. Visit the website to learn more.

What are some advantages of hiring people in this age range? Typically they have extensive job experience, although some are finally returning to paid employment after being a full-time parent and homemaker. Compared with workers in their early 20s, the more mature individuals are less likely to stay up all night partying and try to be effective at work the next day. Their wealth of life experience tends to make them more open-minded, calm and patient during tumultuous moments. They are generally more organized and efficient as well.

Employers may wonder whether hiring older workers means increasing turnover because of the possibility they’ll leave within a few years to retire. Statistics indicate that it’s the younger workers who tend to leave for greener pastures. A person who is 55 can be motivated to stick with the organization for five or 10 years, not wanting to set forth on yet another job search. An individual who is 60 may not plan to stop working until full retirement age as set by the Social Security Administration. Currently, that age is 66.

The advantages continue when hiring seniors, and those approaching the senior years, for part-time positions. Many older individuals aren’t ready to fully retire at this age, either financially, mentally or emotionally. They realize they have many more productive years ahead and they want to continue being part of the workforce. They might be happy to leave a permanent full-time job they’ve had for a long time, but now they want new experiences. They look forward to the upcoming years and positive life changes.