Veterinary Compounding Pharmacies Provide a Valuable, Important Service

Many pet owners have experienced difficulty with getting a beloved dog or cat to swallow an important pill or another type of medication. While issues like these can be frustrating, they are only some of those that regularly crop up in the course of making sure that animals get the medicines they need.

As those who view Nick Bova here will see, there are good ways of solving such problems and many of even more imposing kinds. Compounding pharmacies perform the same important services for dogs, cats, livestock, and other animals that help keep many people healthy, as well.

Many Different Reasons to Have Veterinary Medications Compounded

Just as with human beings, there are quite a few reasons why it might make sense to transform a veterinary medicine from its original state into another. Some of the most common goals of veterinary compounding include:

  • Making a medicine more suitable for another purpose: Although medications meant for animals are regulated less strictly than those intended for people, there are still standards and approval processes to be observed. In some cases, a veterinarian will recognize that a type of drug already approved to treat one condition could be used to help out an animal that suffers from another. A compounding pharmacy will often be able to help enable such informed, “off label” uses for medications.
  • Combining two or more medicines into a single dose: Some drugs are naturally complementary, with one perhaps targeting a certain illness and the other assuaging the usual symptoms. Compounding pharmacies that work with veterinarians can sometimes combine multiple doses of prescribed medicines into single ones that are easier to administer.
  • Making a medication more palatable and less likely to cause trouble: While many pets’ issues with taking medications can be over come by the truly dedicated, there are some animals who will put more resistance than others. Veterinary compounding pharmacies can often help in such cases, as well.

Providing the Answers Pets and Animals Need

With there also being quite a few other reasons to consider having a veterinary medication compounded, pharmacies that offer this service help out in many important ways. From the everyday struggles of pet owners to life threatening conditions, quite a few problems can be overcome.